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Start October 16, 2013
End November 3, 2013
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24th October – 3rd November 2013
The Brick Lane Gallery- The Annexe, E16HR
Preview: Wednesday 23rd October 6pm-8.30pm


The Brick Lane Gallery invites you to our annual Autumn PHOTOGRAPHY NOW exhibition this October. Featuring a selection of photographers from the UK and Europe, who represent some of the best contemporary styles and techniques, within this ever-expanding medium of art.  We warmly invite you to join us for a drink with the artists on Wednesday 23rd October from 6pm-8.30pm, to celebrate the opening of this new photographic exhibition.

PHOTOGRAPHY NOW is a regular group exhibition curated by The Brick Lane Gallery. To apply to be part of the next exhibition in February 2014, email Tessa Yee


Born in 1963, Andreas Kuhn was raised as a typesetter, an Apple addict since 1986, now working mainly as a trainer and consultant in the field of electronic publishing, Andreas revived his passion for photography two years ago when he’d been kissed by the muse to collect ‘urban patterns’ with his iPhone.

Constantinos Anjulatos presents serene and beautiful images of a famous, abandoned building near Athens(Greece), which used to be a hotel, named ''Ksenia''. Even though ''Ksenia'' in Greek means hospitality, this building has been inhospitable and cold for many years. Constaninos Anjulatos captures the beauty in the decay of this widely inspirational building for artists and photographers.  

Dylan Camilleri uses the subtlety of black and white photography to capture and explore the everyday world around him. He believes in the simplicity of the relationship between man and the environment, capturing lives and stories through his lens as an expression of the simplicity of what makes us who we are.

By the technique of panoramic pictures at 180°, the Belgian photographer Jean Pierre De Neef shows us New York or Paris as our eyes, even wide open, had not yet the opportunity to see them. With precise clarity, Jean-Pierre’s panoramics open our eyes to these beautiful cities, and emphasise all the intense details which often go unnoticed.

Lyubomir Sergeev is a self-thought professional working as an advertising photographer. His area of specialty is conceptual advertising photography and photo manipulation. He has won numerous prestigious awards and is considered to be one of the world’s top digital artists. He is based between Sofia, Bulgaria and Vienna, Austria.

Matt Denney lives and works in London. His is as much about the physical, chemical, atomic process of photography as it is about the alchemy and magic of the everyday. The unseen and the in-between worlds. He will be presenting a series of semi-abstract photos which capture very simple objects in beautiful lights to transform them into artistic observations.

Oliver Naumann will be exhibiting with the Brick Lane Gallery for the second time and we are proud to bring back this fantastic German photographer to our exhibitions.
Oliver Naumann is an impressionist photographer in the sense that he does not manipulate or alter the images in any way after they are shot. The photography presented by this artist can often seem quite cool and aloof, most probably a result of his calm and more concentrated method, as well as his working exclusively with a manual, medium format camera. The photographs exhibited here are dedicated to architectural imagery which is a recurring theme in Oliver’s work.

Valentina Culley-Foster's documentary photography focuses on landscape as well as portraiture themes. Images within her 'Boundaries and Borders' series are based on conceptual ideas surrounding contemporary cultural debate. Her visual interests surround divided space on a metaphorical level and can also evoke irony within a scene of significance that effects regional, national and global identity today, or has done so in the past.

Vanessa Jane is an Australian mixed media artist who plays with photography. The three pieces she is presenting are car themed from three different adventures in her 65 Valiant: Coke Addiction - one of the coolest old car garages she has come across; Hijacked - playing with the artist’s son’s matchbox car and her rhinoceros beetle collection; Recycle – Vanessa loves driving past the wreckers to go for a swim and see if the car has fallen through the floor or not. 


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