Organization Brooklyn Academy of Music
Hours Wednesday - Saturday: 07:30pm - 08:40pm

$20, 35, 50, 75

Student rush tickets $10. Must present valid student ID.

Address 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Phone (718) 636-4100
Start September 26, 2009
End September 26, 2009
Closed Sunday - Tuesday
William Forsythe has tested the possibilities of choreography for three decades, pulling ballet from its traditional past and pushing it into an innovative present and future. He is renowned for diverting from the classical vocabulary to produce breathtaking works of art. This fall, Forsythe brings Decreation, a work exploring the love, hate, fears and desires that plague human relationships, to BAM. Through movement, dialogue and multimedia interaction, Decreation is an insightful display of the many challenges that face humankind. Here, Forsythe challenges bodies and minds, with a provocative work that raises questions of love and hate, fear and joy, trust and deceit. A convergence of art forms, Decreation brings the world of dance to a place of new depths and possibilities, proving that William Forsythe remains one of the greatest minds in 21st century dance. What they say: “Forsythe’s basic idea is that ballet is like a language. It has a vocabulary and rules of correct usage. But correct usage is not his focus-he’s much more interested in bending and breaking the rules.” Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian, UK “Step-by-Step Guide to Dance: William Forsythe” 2008 “Three aspects of Bill’s approach have always struck me: how ingeniously he uses spatial transformations to generate new dance movements. how great a demand this places on his dancers’ minds as well as their bodies. how intertwined are the acts of drawing and dancing for him. “ Paul Kaiser, Performance Research, v4#2, Summer 1999. What he says: “…what made sense would be to have a group whose talents were relatively equal. SoI have only solosits,” Forsythe told John Tussa, during a 3003 interview on BBC3 radio. “I don’t have a group and this brings a much different atmosphere into the work. Everyone is equally responsible.”

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