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Opening starts at October 19,2013 08:00pm
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Start October 19, 2013
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19 OCTOBER  - 13 NOVEMBER 2013

Opening Saturday 19 OCTOBER  20:00h

Curated by Dores & Rose Sacquegna

The Primo Piano LivinGallery  with the show PAPER  is pleased to present  an ambitious project with national and international artists, dedicated to paper. In the building   where the gallery is located, there is  also the PRIMO PIANO  ATELIER , which is a laboratory dedicated to the study and  practice of  artistic   graphics. PAPER is divided  into three sections: Art  graphics, illustration, and  visual poetry.  The exhibition includes works  from over a period of time  from 1980 to today.

During the show, a meeting with  the authors : SALVATORE LUPERTO, director of the  MACMa Museum  in Matino (Lecce), who  presents the  video “SAL  SAL INA  SALENTO, the myth of visual poetry ” and the  artists of visual and  sound poetry  LILIANA EBALGINELLI, will present the performance “Voce”.

A note on the video :SAL SAL INA SALENTO: the myth of visual poetry  is a precious audio visual document presented  at the  MACMa Museum  in Matino (Lecce), during the fiftieth  anniversary of  the birth of visual poetry The video, curated by  Salvatore Luperto, (previously  art director of the   MACMa), was  made thanks to the collaboration of Giovanni Giangrande, Liliana Ebalginelli and Biagio Putignano. The film, sponsored by the  Banca Popolare Pugliese, critiqued by   Lamberto Pignotti, was presented  22 May 2013  by the  noted critic  Claudio Cerritelli at the  l’Academy of Fine Arts in Brera-Milano, and is  now part of cultural  programs  in Florence, Rome and Palermo.

From Salvatore Luperto : “In 1963 a few young intellectuals, poets and artists, musicians, and philosophers, animated  by a critical spirit, founded the group  Gruppo Settanta in Florence  and began a semiotic  battle against the   so called “fourth power “ through a new language mutated  by  technology  and mass media. Eugenio Miccini, Lamberto Pignotti and then   Michele Perfetti, Lucia Marcucci, Roberto Malquori,  took images  and texts  from another contexts (magazines , posters,  newspapers , ads  and   erasing  or associating other signs  they manipulated  the meanings,  unveiling the objectives of the press  and its  huge  publicity. With lucid irony  they criticized  society  and  the communication system. Through  decomposing the images which are reinterpreted  in new images, more convincing poetical meanings. After fifty years, this historical and consolidated event is proposed  documented by  books, magazines , exhibitions , museums and relived  in the Salina dei Monaci  in the Paldue del Conte in Torre Colimena,  in Salento, where the video was  filmed”.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS : Fernando Andolcetti, Nanni Balestrini, Ferruccio Cajani, Ugo Carrega, Cosimo Cimino, Marina Comandini, Susan Dutton, Liliana Ebalginelli, Nicola Elia, Vittorio Fava, Anselmo Febles, Oscar Gillespie, Matthiew Giuffrè, Monique Ariello Laugier, Roberto Malquori, Jerome Maillet, Marco Marchiani Mavilla, Lamberto Pignotti,  Michele Perfetti, Dores Sacquegna, Adriano Spatola, William Xerra. 

PRIMO PIANO ATELIER-Is the section dedicated to didactics and  teaching traditional and experimental Chalcography; Xylography, Linoleum cut  and artist’s books. The studio, opened in 2006  yearly hosts artists and  printers from around the world  who follow full immersion courses .

LILIANA EBALGINELLI – Born in Schio (VI),  lives in  Milano. After research in the field of iIalian popular culture, she works with the association  Archivi del ‘900   of  Luigi Olivetti, curating in  2000  the exhibit A!E!I!O!U! Aldo Palazzeschi: 1905-1914 (CD audio, Leditrice, 2001). For years she has worked in the field of visual and sound poetry  With  Ferruccio Cajani she founded iin 2001 la lilianaebalginelli Editrice (specialized  in visual e-books e  phonic CD s, active until 2005  and a bilingual online  magazine of contemporary poetry  ULU-LATE directed by her  and where :Arrigo Lora Totino.contributes .



Primo Piano LivinGallery

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