Organization Dead White Zombies
Hours Thursday - Friday: 08:05pm - 10:05pm
Saturday: 08:05pm - 08:05pm

$15.00 - can pay with cash or credit card at the door OR order through our website
$10.00 - with valid University ID

Opening starts at November 29,2012 08:05pm
Opening ends at November 29,2012 10:05pm
Address 500 Singleton Boulevard, Dallas, TX, United States
Phone 972.238.8744
Website http://www.deadwhitezombies.com
Start November 29, 2012
End December 22, 2012
Closed Sunday - Wednesday

A karmic love story that follows two lovers, soul mates, separated at the fall of Troy and searching for each other through time and space...enter into an immersive, dream-like hallucinatory world where the many lives of the lovers occur simultaneously.

Experiencially create your own unique narrative of events. An innovative interdisciplinary hybrid of performance, dance, theatre, sound, media, and gallery exhibition presented in a 36,000 square foot former iron works shop in the emerging west Dallas arts and entertainment district.         

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