Organization Furtherfield Gallery
Hours Sunday, Friday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 06:00pm


Opening starts at March 22,2014 02:00pm
Opening ends at March 22,2014 06:00pm
Address McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park N4 2NQ, London, United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 208 802 2827
Start March 23, 2014
End March 30, 2014
Closed Monday - Thursday

'RE / PRE / SENT / PAST', an exhibition featuring works by media artist Markus Soukup as part of Furtherfield Clear Spots programme, explores different phenomena from dreamscapes to long distance travel recordings, as well as attempted considerations of societal change in relation to technological developments. 

It brings together fragments of subjective experiences related to contemporary everyday existence, which were translated and transformed into 'perceivable outputs' by using different digital techniques. The screen or the physical object as output constitutes an interface, where perceptual experiences of the spectator intermix with the intentions of expression.

The wonders of perception are connected to imagination processes and a continuous stream of individual interpretation that play with the question of what defines objective reality.

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