Dave Miller's Finsbury Park Radiation Walk

Organization Furtherfield Gallery
Hours Saturday: 02:00pm - 05:00pm


Address McKenzie Pavilion Finsbury Park N4 2NQ, London, United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 208 802 2827
Website http://www.furtherfield.org/programmes/event/invisible-forces-events
Start July 21, 2012
End July 21, 2012
Closed Sunday - Friday

All welcome!

To accompany Invisible Forces, Furtherfield invites all gallery visitors to take part in a programme of public play, games, making and discussion led by alert and energetic artists, techies, makers and thinkers: Class Wargames, The Hexists, Dave Miller, Olga P Massanet and Thomas Aston.


Saturday 21 July 2012, 2-5pm

Dave Miller's Finsbury Park Radiation Walk

Public exploratory radiation walk around Finsbury Park, measuring mobile phone radiation levels and discovering what type of radiations we are exposed to on a daily basis. As we walk, we will unravel a parallel, hidden story of the local area along with technical data and possible medical effects of the radiation.
Participants will measure radiation levels, GPS positions and marked levels on a large map of the area, creating a collaborative artwork (poster sized map of local radiation) to be made made available for display as part of the exhibition after the event.


Dave Miller
Dave Miller is a South London based artist and currently a Research Fellow in Augmented Reality at the University of Bedfordshire. Through his art practice Dave draws out the invisible forces that make life difficult. His work is about caring and being angry, as an artist. His art enables him to express feelings about the world, to attempt to explain things in a meaningful, yet subjective way, and make complexed information accessible. Recurrent themes in his work are: human stories, injustices, contentious issues and campaigning. Recently he's been very bothered by the financial crisis.


An exhibition about why contemporary life is so difficult for so many

"I'm as angry as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!" - Howard Beale, Network 1976

Invisible Forces features the work of artist-visionaries:  Kimathi Donkor, Laura Oldfield Ford, IOCOSE, Dave Miller, Edward Picot, and YoHa with additional game events, talks and workshops with Class Wargames, The Hexists, Olga P Massanet and Thomas Cade Aston.

Our social, economic and cultural institutions are being dismantled. Control over the provision of social care, urban and rural development, education and freedom of expression, is being redistributed to private enterprise at a global level. Undeterred, the artists in this exhibition meet these challenges with clear eyes, spontaneity, experimentation and a sense of adventure. The resulting mix of installations, digital video, net art, painting and drawings deal with conspiracy, money, politics, hidden signals and frustration fatigue.

As part of Invisible AirsYoHa (Graham Harwood & Matsuko Yokokoji) attempted to read 20,000 comma separated lines of Bristol City Council's apparently open-data. After which they understood that power reveals itself through multiple layers of boredom. They constructed four pneumatic contraptions which reveal the relations contained within the fields and the people affected. A video made by Alistair Oldham documents their art project Invisible Airs, Database, Expenditure & Power.

This is shown alongside Data Entry, a video that investigates how databases operate on us and through us by looking at the work of midwives and women in labour. "Databases move through us, allowing new forms of power to emerge… [they] order, compare, sort and create new views of the information they contain. New perspectives amplify, speed-up and restructure particular forms of power as they supersede others." 

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