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Opening starts at November 17,2011 06:00pm
Opening ends at November 17,2011 09:00pm
Address 2a Corsham Street, London, N1 6DP, United Kingdom
Phone 020 7253 2499
Start November 17, 2011
End December 2, 2011
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Exclusive opening of plain wall projects

Thursday 17th of November, 2011, 6pm-9pm

2a Corsham Street, london n1 6dp


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Plain Wall Projects proudly invites you to the opening of our space in Corsham Street, Shoreditch.  Several times a year this space will become a platform for exciting and thought provoking art endeavors.


We are pleased to announce a solo show of the work of painter and poet, Endri Kosturi, within an exhibition designed by Robin Monotti Architects, featuring sound installation by Pablo Marco and a short film about Kosturi's painting method by Marcel Bird Wieteska.  Entitled, Light Within the Shadows, the show includes Kosturi’s vast body of recent paintings seen for the first time collectively in a large-scale installation space. For Kosturi, the relationship between poetry and painting takes on an existential value and expresses the constant and parallel motion that infuses the person and the poet. 


Endri Kosturi manifests an extraordinary sensitivity to colour, and constructs varied formal languages designed to express the infinite wealth of emotions and moods.  Light and color are independent elements, each with its own expressive power, determined, to some extent, by the experience of the life of the artist-poet. The colours of his paintings scratch the surface of the canvas in search for the light trapped within the dense and seductive chromatic texture.  Gradients, transparency, and games of shadows and light appear to adjust to the wavy motions and feverish brush strokes.

The use of articulated sentences transcribing the emotions of the moment is recurring in Kosturi's production. In some cases, the words quickly slip on the canvas almost as if they were to disappear, in order to escape the discomfort of the dark alleys and shadows that we experience in life.  His works become pages of a diary, recounting a world where human emotions and tensions are unified in a single image. While showing conceptual affinities with the works of some great masters of the avant-garde, Kosturi's paintings must be read as the expression of an autonomous and multi-faceted language.

Endri Kosturi, was born in Tirana, Albania in 1980.  He started painting at a young age and his first painting (Spring, 1m x 2m) was exhibited in the National Art Gallery of Tirana, when the artist was only 7 years old.  In 1990 his family moved to Italy. He studied Fine Arts from 1995 until 1999 at G.Sello Artistic Lyceum in Udine.

Endri currently lives and works in London. For many years he has experimented with different techniques and mediums, figurative and non-figurative. Now, he concentrates on non-figurative painting with his unique technique, expressing his vision in its most evocative and poetic sense.   He has exhibited in Paris, Trieste, Milan, London and Rome throughout the past decade. 

plain wall projects

2A Corsham Street

N1 6DP London

t. 020 7253 2499


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