Lecture by Will Bakx: Can You Dig It? Compost and Mulch, from Waste to Resource

Organization California College of the Arts
Hours Monday: 08:00pm - 09:00pm

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Address 1111 Eighth St., San Francisco, CA, United States
Phone 415-703-9415
Website http://www.cca.edu/calendar/2012/lecture-will-bakx-can-you-dig-it-compost-and-mulch-waste-resource
Start October 8, 2012
End October 8, 2012
Closed Sunday, Tuesday - Saturday

Waste Land: Exploring Science in the Studio is a program that brings science instruction directly into CCA courses. During fall 2012, courses taught by five CCA instructors, all on the theme of waste, will bring scientists into their courses


ill Bakx started composting in 1982 at Sonoma State University as student manager of the Ecological Food Production Garden. In 1985 he launched Bennett Valley Farm Compost, processing various agricultural and fish industry wastes. In 1993 he started the Sonoma countywide yard debris composting program as Sonoma Compost Company (SCC).

Today he has converted almost 1.5 million tons of organics from the landfill, creating high-quality compost and mulch. He teaches in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) and serves as chair of the SRJC Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Committee.

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