What’s Wrong With Candyland? Exhibition

Organization California College of the Arts
Hours Thursday - Saturday: 01:00pm - 06:00pm

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Opening starts at October 05,2012 06:00pm
Opening ends at October 05,2012 09:00pm
Address 1111 Eighth St., San Francisco, CA, United States
Phone 415-703-9415
Website http://www.cca.edu/calendar/2012/what-s-wrong-candyland-exhibition
Start October 4, 2012
End November 2, 2012
Closed Sunday - Wednesday

The Individualized Major Program presents an interdisciplinary exhibition of ideas about other places, getting lost, wandering, and the possibility that the wrong place is exactly where we need to be. Behold souvenirs and wonders from distant lands: distant in time, distant in space, and existing only in the mind.

The participating artists transform the gallery space into a giant cabinet of marvels including dioramas, films, and fantastic tales chronicling the thousand realms of wonder that lie beyond our familiar experience: the New World, the Old World, outer space, alternative versions of the everyday world, flights of fancy, and places you’ve never been.

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