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Organization The Creativity Workshop
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Address 1 Columbus Place 40th Floor Suite #N40F, New York, NY, United States
Phone 212 203-3252
Start March 24, 2012
End March 30, 2012
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Prague, the city of Mozart, Kafka, and a rich Jewish heritage. The Creativity Workshop will take place within walking distance of the exquisitely preserved Old Town with its famous clock tower and Jewish cemetery. Many concerts and the Puppet and Black theatres take place during the summer season. Prague is a wonderful city to walk around with exceptionally well preserved architecture from the Baroque to the 20th century’s Art Nouveau period including its famous cafes.

Each day the Creativity Workshop in Prague will meet for 3 1/2 hours. We will explore ways to expand our creativity through a series of exercises including guided visualization technique, automatic drawing and writing, map making, memoir, and storytelling. Throughout the workshop, the exercises and talks by the instructors will focus on ways to:

 Stimulate your perceptive abilities
 Find inspiration in the world around you
 Discover and use images from the unconscious
 Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure
 Engage your curiosity
 Recognize and use your creative instincts
 Give yourself the time, permission, and nourishment to do creative work
 Develop a daily practice to accomplish these goals
 Work collaboratively
 Use your memories to engage the imagination

(Order and kinds of exercises and instructors' talks may vary. Some exercises are done individually while others are collaborative.)


Day by Day in Prague
We will meet 3 1/2 hours per day. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012: Arrival. Free day
Time for you to settle in and relax.

Sunday, March 25: First day of workshop 
Introduction to the hows and whys of the  Creativity Workshop. Exercises in relaxation technique and guided visualization. Visualization: writing and drawing using the myth of the hero’s journey as our framework. Automatic Drawing exercise: Finding our hidden imagery. Exercise in ‘show and tell’ as a means of honing our natural storytelling styles and retrieving childhood memories to spark ideas. Instructor talks about famous writers, scientists, artists and their sources of inspiration, and how we can use some of those same sources.

Monday, March 26:
Relaxation exercise followed by a visualization using map making. Map making as a way to find, chart, and tell fictional stories and true life experiences. Exercise in Automatic Writing. How automatic writing allows you to brainstorm and create in new and surprising 
ways. How we can use automatic writing to get over creative blocks and discover new ways of developing and editing work, while avoiding self-censorship. Why alternating between writing and drawing aids us in developing creative flexibility. The Interview: Listening and experiencing a life outside our own. How listening is as important as doing in creative work.

Tuesday, March 27:
Today's visualization exercise uses letter writing as a way to  explore voice in writing. Miniature Theatre: an exercise in storytelling with found objects. Automatic Writing continues with Writing in Groups. How writing and/or drawing with others can stimulate our imaginations and expand our points of view. Topics of instructors' talks may include: the importance of play and the need to value the creative process over product. Enforced Cafe-Sitting: the art of relaxed observation. How to carve out time for creativity in a busy schedule. How to do on-going creative work in a short modules of time? How we can use luck and coincidence to jump start creative projects. Creative freedom requires discipline: Developing daily practice.

Wednesday, March 28:
Today's visualization is The Myth of the Other: imagining ourselves living a parallel life. The imagination's magic phrase: What If. Autobiographical exercise: 'Trips to the Past:' Using a foreign environment to spark and sharpen memories of home.
Exercise exploring how to focus on the details of your environment using photography, writing and drawing. Importance of detail in making creative work come alive. Finding inspiration in the world around us. Topics of instructors talks may include: honoring our innate creativity and how to rekindle fearless imagination.

Thursday, March 29:
Visualization exercise using maps and legends to tell our stories. Automatic drawing and writing exercises continue. How to be our own trickster and transform ourselves and our creative ventures. Exercise using postcards. Cafe exercise: Writing, drawing or photography to search for characters. Exercise in stimulating our perceptive abilities and discover and use images from the unconscious. Instructor talk: How to get over creative blocks and the fear of failure. Making our home and work environments inspiring for the imagination.

Friday, March 30: Departure

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