Dissipatio HG

Organization Associazione Stralis
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Free Entrance

Opening starts at May 14,2011 06:00pm
Opening ends at May 14,2011 09:00pm
Address Via Muratori 32, Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Phone +39 3474283218
Website http://www.dissipatiohg.wordpress.com
Start May 14, 2011
End May 29, 2011
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Associazione Stralis presents DISSIPATIO HG – L’uomo è un abisso, an International Contemporary Art Exhibition, commencing on the 14th until the 29th of May 2011 at the Chiostro di Voltorre (VA), Italy.


The exhibition DISSIPATIO HG offers different entry and exit points to alternate possibilities through a diverse array of media. Italian and International artists will present work ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and film.


Exhibiting artists are:

Blind Adam, Mercedes Baliarda, Cesare Biratoni, Lindsey Bull, Laura X Carlé,

Umberto Cavenago, Pierluigi Fresia, Gabriele Jardini, Cristina Mariani, Ioanna Pantazopoulou, Francesco Pedrini, Vera Portatadino, Luca Scarabelli, Alessandra Spranzi, Stavro Christo Vlachakis


Fifteen artists, an art historian and three philosophers are called to confront the issue of identity  inspired by  the novel   Dissipatio HG by Guido Morselli. In which the term dissipatio (dissipation) assumes the  definition of "evaporation", to  describe the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the human race, with the exception of the protagonist.Morselli takes us  through  an unusual  scenario,  where the last survivor finds himself questioning  the meaning of such a mysterious event,  tracing  his  life and confronting the disappearance of society. Similarly, the artists and the philosophers are invited to extend further into an innate existential reflection, touching issues of identity  and  contemporary  life  through  their own particular standpoint and quest for self-realization.


The climax of the exhibition will be the panel discussion open to the public titled: "In quest of one's own nature: the challenge of identity", scheduled  for Saturday, May 28th  at 17.30,  in which the

philosophers Giampaolo Cottini and  Mara  Maria  Monetti will converse with exhibiting artists. On the same occasion, there will be a presentation of the Dissipatio HG Catalogue; the result of all the research  undertaken  aswell as evidence of the enjoyable and fruitful activity of Stralis.


“The word “identity” comes from the Latin Identitas, “idem esse”, that means "the same", as a result the equality of subject with respect to itself is the quality that distinguishes it from any other. No one can be himself and another person at the same time; one is only himself and is identical to himself only.  From Greek, identity means looking inside oneself, with the root "ens", which indicates the essence of the soul. In this way the identity of any person, as a sense of his own being continuous and distinct, is closely connected to the word “soul” and comes before each analysis, consideration and awareness”. 

(Mara Maria Monetti)

Parallel Event: Dissiparty > Sunday 22nd May 16.00 | Parco Morselli in Gavirate (VA), Italy. Contemporary forms and methods of dissolution take the shape of outdoor installations and performances, in association with the Comitato Guido Morselli.

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