Baker's Dozen: 13 Artists Illustrate Idioms, plus Pixar's Nate Wragg in 'Locals'

Organization Gallery Nucleus
Hours Sunday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 08:00pm


Opening starts at June 11,2011 07:00pm
Opening ends at June 11,2011 11:00pm
Address 210 East Main St., Alhambra, CA, United States
Phone (626)485-7477
Start June 11, 2011
End July 4, 2011
Closed open everyday

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few words can make a delightfully pretty picture. Baker's Dozen has of 13 fresh, diverse, and notable young artists visually exploring their favorite idiom. Idioms are playful expressions of any language. Consisting of phrases or sentences that do not literally mean what they say, illustrating them results in works that are visually striking, whimsical, humorous, and downright fun!

A range of aesthetics and mediums will be on display and include drawings, paintings, lithographs, paper-cuts and more.

Featured Artists: Ming Ong, You Byun, Brittney Lee, Matte Stephens, Dadu Shin, Catia Chien, Miki Sato, Nicole Gustafsson, Lorena Alverez, Ahren Hertel, Nico Duffaut, and Daniela Volpari

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Also opening the same night in the upstairs Atrium gallery is 'Locals', a solo-exhibition by Nate Wragg.

Featuring new works by the artist that unearth those who live amongst us. The ones inhabiting the world where our imagination borders our realities. It's time you meet these local friends and foes populating our world, and the everyday spirits that hide in plain sight!


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