Organization Harlem Stage
Hours Sunday: 03:00pm -


Address 150 Convent Avenue, New York, United States
Phone 212.281.9240
Start November 7, 2009
End November 7, 2009
Closed Monday - Saturday

Josefina Baez comes to Harlem Stage to present the finale to a 10 year journey across the globe with her acclaimed solo work, Dominicanish. These final three performances will be accompanied by an exhibit at the Rio Gallery 583 Riverside at 135th St 7th floor Manhattan and numerous humanities activities. Understanding the true power of language, Baez uses nonlinear, poetical and nonsensical texts combined with dance, to tell stories of the Dominican experience in Spanish, English, and “Dominicanish”. Josefina Baez a writer, performer, educator, and director. She is also the founder and director of Latinarte/Ay Ombe Theatre troupe collective.

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