Mind over Matter

Organization Evolve the Gallery
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Free and open to the public.

Private viewing available Thursday-Saturday by appointment.

Opening starts at September 08,2011 06:00pm
Opening ends at September 08,2011 09:00pm
Address 3428 3rd Avenue, Sacramento, California, United States
Phone (916) 572-5123
Website http://www.giraffe.com/gr_see.html
Start September 10, 2011
End November 26, 2011
Closed Sunday - Monday

Whitaker, a pioneer of digital art, gives a stalwart voice to visual forms that incorporate technology and art.  She has been creating digital works since the invention of the computer. "In 1981 there were no menus and there was no mouse …I loved the fact that no one could tell me what to do, since no one knew, and that there were virtually no rules to follow. The freedom was both exhilarating and terrifying. And I stayed up until all hours of the night because there was no sure way to get back to where you had been,” states Whitaker in an interview.

Beauty and pain, life and death all come into balance when you view Whitaker’s unique luminescent digital paintings on plexiglass. The vibrant jewel tones mixed with abstract geometric shapes and hints of imagery present a dramatic yet fluid mix of energy and dimension. The viewer’s experience is saturated with layers of wonderlust.


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