EQUINOX: Kelvin Curry and Stephen Bruce

Organization Evolve the Gallery
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Opening starts at April 02,2011 12:00pm
Opening ends at April 02,2011 09:00pm
Address 3428 3rd Avenue, Sacramento, California, United States
Phone (916) 572-5123
Website http://www.evolvethegallery.com
Start March 29, 2011
End March 29, 2011
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Equinox: When the length of day and night are closest to being equal; a precise moment in time which is common to all observers on Earth. Experience the earthy, subtle and elegant patinated copper and brass works of Stephen Bruce and the energetic, vibrant and passionate pastels of Kelvin Curry.

This is the first time Kelvin Curry and Stephen Bruce will share a profound artistic moment in time. This duet-exhibition brings the viewer to the intersection of two distinctly different mediums; patinated copper and pastels. Equinox will mark a point in time in which the diverse skills and talents of Curry and Bruce will be presented together and featured in one beautifully fashioned masterpiece to be revealed at Evolve the Gallery.

About Stephen Bruce. Though he has only been showing work since June of 2006, his acid paintings on copper have already been seen in TV shows (House, Law & Order LA, Big Bang Theory, The New Adventures of Old Christine, to name a few) and movie sets (Smart Car and The Quickening), selected to decorate the 2007 Sunset Magazine Idea House and garnered art festival accolades. Similar in style and philosophy to that of the abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko, Bruce’s work has quickly gained followers and patrons around the country ranging from prestigious gallery owners to discriminating art lovers. “The contrasts from cyan to deep blue combined with the ocean greens are the effects we love the most,” enthuses Rob Bowley, a New York City client of Bruce’s.

Spontaneous and Natural – “My biggest artistic influence is the greatest artist ever, Mother Earth. “My seascapes are inspired by the beauty of the ocean, perhaps an aerial view from the sky. My abstracts, an attempt to mimic the colors and patterns of some geological formations. And my landscapes are my best efforts to capture a fleeting moment in a sunset, a sunrise, or on the horizon. I wanted to explore that nexus of art and science. Other than my father’s lecture, I’m self-taught.” – Stephen Bruce

About Kelvin Curry. Controlled and methodic, Kelvin Curry’s “My Summer of Love” series is an artistic memoir of an internal pilgrimage resulting in healing, liberation, and miracles. Born in Oakland, Ca., Kelvin Curry's creative destiny was clear early in life. Initially utilizing black and white graphite as his medium and children as his subjects, Oakland's own black Adoption & Placement Center was among his many venues. His early work caught the attention of jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, who owns a self-portrait by Kelvin. Later, he would expand into mixed media to bring about multi-dimension; as well as a sense of rhythm and grace in abstract figure. Kelvin has exhibited his work in hundreds of juried festivals, exhibits, and galleries throughout the country. Visitors from countries such as South Africa, Japan, Australia, France, The United Kingdom, and China have chosen his work to adorn their homes in their native lands. Collectors include actor Tom Skerit and William Allen Young.

To view his work is to experience the association between beauty and love. To bring three energies together in moment-physical, spiritual, and emotional-is his fundamental artistic expression.  “To view my work is to experience the association between beauty and love. To bring three energies together in the moment- physical, spiritual, and emotional- is my fundamental artistic expression.”
Kelvin Curry 


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