Border Cities & New Identities | Romania 2013 Opening: July 26th, 2013

Organization International ArtExpo
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Opening starts at July 26,2013 05:00pm
Opening ends at
Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33, Bari, Italy
Start July 26, 2013
End August 2, 2013
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Border Cities & New Identities | Romania 2013

Opening: July 26th, 2013


Prize: 1 International Exhibition organized by International ArtExpo


Border Cities & New Identities - International Art Festival of Architecture, Photography, Video Art, Computer Graphics, Painting and Performing Art, will be in Suceava (Romania), at The Water Plant “Uzina de Apa” - Center of Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape, from the 26th July to 02nd August 2013. Thirty-three artists, from different countries, have been selected to be part of this project.


The selection was based on the main concept of hybridization between identities and urban environment, as the result of liquid identities and liquid contacts between people. People, backgrounds, societies, progress and all their inputs creates hybrid identities, modifying each other and being mixed in prospect to shape a better world. Mixing sustainable transport; modern (ICT) communication infrastructure; sustainable economic development; and wise management of natural resources, human, intellectual and social capital, is the key to reach a future better life quality.


organizer: International ArtExpo

curator: Luca Curci


exhibition & screening place: The Water Plant “Uzina de Apa” - Center of Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape, Suceava (Romania)

dates: from the 26th July to 02nd August 2013, from 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM

opening: July 26th, 2013 at The Water Plant “Uzina de Apa”, at 5.00 pm, Str. Apeductului nr.4, Suceava (Romania)

The Center of Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape “Uzina de Apa” is the result of a  conversion of an old, abandoned Water Plant into a Cultural Center. The project results as a collaboration including municipal authorities, local community and an array of architects, engineers and students. Moreover, private contractors and companies dedicated to innovative techniques are involved to achieve an exemplary public-private partnership. Although originally conceived as a technological construction, the new “Water Plant” is now capable of hosting events ranging from conferences to concerts and exhibitions. By reclaiming its place in the city, this project attempts the true meaning of the word “sustainability” (sus = under and tenere = to hold) - to keep in existence, to maintain and prolong.


.video artists

Fred L'Epee . Switzerland | Katrina Stamatopoulos . Australia | Sofia Wickman . The Netherlands |
Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamannger
. Finland | Elodie Albergel .
Israel | Nicolas Morrison . Australia | Gian Cruz . Philippines | Mar Garrido . Spain | Kate MacDonald . Canada | Toni Simò . Spain | Jelena Dejanovska . Serbia | Stephanie Roland . Belgium | Pilar Calero . Spain | Peter Ainsworth . UK


.photo artists

Marcela Arias . Mexico | Javier Bassi . Uruguay | Roger J Renberg . Norway | Sultana Raza . Luxembourg | Nina Moilanen . Finland | Arwa Ramadan . UAE | Emiliano Santoro . UK | Ilia Yefimovich . Israel | Asiku Svetlana . Serbia | CMPerceptions . USA | Vimarie Serrano . Puerto Rico | Adam Paul Verity . UK | James Voller . Australia | Katherine York . Germany


Bertram Marstaller . Germany | Andreas Tomblin . Cyprus


.computer graphics artist

Elaine Eiger . Brazil | Ulrich Riedel . Germany



Wooguru . Germany


International ArtExpo is an International art organization that provides a significant forum for cultural dialogue between all artists from different cultures and countries. We depend on the support of you. ArtExpo is grateful to all of the institutions, corporations, and individuals who support our efforts. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and writers from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.


International ArtExpo

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33

70122 Bari (Italy)



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