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Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33, Bari, Italy
Schedule For immediate release Dear Director, “La Corte - Fotografia e ricerca” cultural organization and International ArtExpo are proud to announce the opening of Liquid Borders - International art festival of photography, video art and installation, held in Bari (Italy) in the prestigious and historical locations of Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle), Santa Teresa dei Maschi and Sala Murat, from the 3rd to the 31st of July. The press conference will be on Friday the 28th of June 2013 at 11.30 AM, in the Multimedia Hall of Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle). The openings of the event will be on Wednesday the 3rd of July 2013 at Castello Svevo (Swabian Castle), at 06.00 PM; and on Thursday the 4th of July 2013 in Santa Teresa dei Maschi at 05.00 PM, and at Sala Murat at 06.00 PM. The event will last until July 31st 2013. The Festival is based on the main concept of the hybridization among art, culture, physical and social identities in contemporary cities, and the mixing between people and space. Urban environments, people, rules and limits are no more distinct realities, but they constantly modify and get mixed together, generating new connections and hybrid results, with undefined ethic, social, sexual and religious borders. Forty-two artists, from all over the world, have been invited to present their artworks related to the theme, during the festival which will be hosted in the three venues of the city of Bari, until the end of July. The aim of the festival is to understand which are the borders still alive in contemporary metropolis, and which ones have become undefined and hybrid. To understand that, artists use material, pictures, sounds, videos and site-specific installations. Fausta Maria Bolettieri e Luca Curci, curators. It would be a great pleasure for us if you would help us to spread the press release among your contacts and on your website. In attachment you can find the press release and the image. Best regards, Luca Curci Director International ArtExpo Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33 70122 Bari (Italy) +39.0805234018 +39.3387574098 lucacurci@lucacurci.com www.lucacurci.com/artexpo

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Website http://www.lucacurci.com/artexpo/
L’Associazione culturale “La Corte - Fotografia e ricerca” ed International ArtExpo, sono liete di annunciare l’inaugurazione di Liquid Borders - festival internazionale di fotografia, video arte ed installazione, che si terrà a Bari nelle prestigiose sale del Castello Svevo, di Santa Teresa dei Maschi e della Sala Murat, dal 03 al 31 luglio 2013. La conferenza stampa si terrà venerdì 28 giugno 2013 alle ore 11.30 presso la Sala Multimediale del Castello Svevo di Bari. L’inaugurazione di Liquid Borders avrà luogo mercoledì 03 luglio 2013 presso il Castello Svevo... [more]

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