Moonshine Creek Production - Local Folk Play

Organization SantaRosa Art+Culture Foundation
Hours Sunday: 02:00pm - 04:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 06:00pm - 08:00pm


Address 5188 Escambia Street, Milton, FL, United States
Phone 850-981-1100
Start October 7, 2011
End October 9, 2011
Closed Monday - Thursday

There’s a new play in the making called A Beautiful Life by Moonshine Creek Productions of the Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation.  The Foundation is conducting a story telling/writing contest to involve the community in creating this play.  Winning entries will be incorporated into the play, A Beautiful Life, which will be performed by local citizens on October 7th, 8th, 9th, at Milton High School Auditorium. There will be monetary prizes for the top 4 winners. First prize is $100.00, second is $75.00, third is $50.00 and fourth is $25.00.


The rules are :

1.     Must be about Santa Rosans.

2.     Must be based on true events.

3.     Cannot be libelous or profane.

4.     Must be typed (word processor) double spaced, 1 to 3 pages.

5.     Submit stories postmarked or delivered by March 31st, 2011.

            6.   Verbal submission will be allowed for the elderly or disabled by available appointments only.

            7.   Researched stories must give proper credit.


Judging will be based on: Interesting or humorous content; authenticity (true to life;) characters (do they “come alive?”)


Bring or mail entries to:

Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation (Offices at the Dragonfly Gallery)
5188 Escambia Street, Milton, Florida 32570.


For more information call or text: 850-324-2875 and speak to Rich.

Moonshine Creek Productions, under the auspices of the Santa Rosa Arts & Culture Foundation, is producing the play by, for, and about the people of Santa Rosa County, past and present. Santa Rosa has a rich heritage in natural resources, natural beauty, exciting history and wonderful people with many talents.

The initial purpose of this venture is to fund the beginnings of an arts and cultural center where all the arts can be celebrated. The vision for the future includes a theatre, a music hall, dance studio, an art gallery, classrooms, etc. The plan is to produce an annual folk play under the umbrella of Moonshine Creek Productions that will bring together communities all over the county in a spirit of cooperation and celebration, while enhancing the tourist attraction of the area. All proceeds will go toward supporting the arts with its initial focus on building a cultural center. This is in keeping with the mission of the Santa Rosa Arts & Culture Foundation, to vitalize and enrich the cultural arts in Santa Rosa County, Florida.


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