Exit Art - Model Citizens NYC

Organization Model Citizens NYC
Hours Sunday - Monday: 11:00am - 06:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 05:00pm


Address 475 10th Ave, New York, NY, United States
Website http://modelcitizensnyc.com
Start May 16, 2009
End May 18, 2009
Closed Tuesday - Friday
An satellite exhibition during this year's ICFF celebrating emerging talent and independent designers. Participants include: Tiffany Burnette, Martin Konrad Gloeckle, Stanley Ruiz, Grace Souky, Zena Verda Pesta, Iacoli & Mcallister, Grain, AND (Audra Wolowiec + Niels Cosman), Kandice Levero, Ben Blanc, Piey (Paulina Gonzales-Ortega, Andres Ocejo), Nathan Thomas Studios, Grace E. Chen, Omid Sadri, Carolina Kim, Jason Neufeld, Hye Jung Park, Mariel Taveras, Leo Tecosky, Takuma Kakehi, E. Carmichael, Charles Constantine, J. Green Design, Lara Knutson, Jed Crystal, Keen Gat

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