Faye Driscoll

Organization Dance Theater Workshop
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Address 219 West 19th Street, New York, NY, United States
Phone 212.691.6500
Website http://www.dancetheaterworkshop.org/driscoll
Start March 31, 2010
End April 3, 2010
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Mar 31 – Apr 3 at 7:30pm
Pre-Show Coffee and Conversation: Mar 31 at 6:30pm
Post-Show Talk Apr 2

There is so much mad in me investigates the physical and theatrical narratives that drive our misplaced need to be seen. Driscoll, with her company of dancers, ask who we are and how we connect in this time of over stimulation and look at me distraction. Working from images seen in the media of people in extreme states, from torture to religious rapture, There is so much mad in me examines the similarities between polar extremes. What are the fine lines between the abject and the sublime, voyeurism and empathy, entertainment and reality? From creating facades to seeking the divine to committing violent acts and falling in love, There is so much mad in me explores shifting states of consciousness as choreography while investigating how we process information.

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