Family Matters: Dances by Very Young Choreographers

Organization Dance Theater Workshop
Hours no information

Free for Kids, $15 for Adults

Jan 23 at 2pm, Jan 24 at 1pm and 4pm

Address 219 West 19th Street, New York, NY, United States
Phone 212.691.6500
Start January 23, 2010
End January 24, 2010
Closed Monday - Friday


Dances by Very Young Choreographers is a mélange of witty and intriguing original dances created and performed by children ages 8-18. The young choreographers have been taught and mentored by Ellen Robbins, the nationally renowned dance educator, since they were the tender age of five. The dances are sometimes hilarious, sometimes melancholic, but always surprising. Choreographic themes can include dramatic storylines, real-life situations, the world at large, or may be cleverly abstract. Don't miss this opportunity to inspire your children by exposing them to live performances created and performed by their peers.

Created for families looking to introduce their children to fun, intelligent, and innovative live performance, Dance Theater Workshop’s Family Matters shows are relaxed and informal and appropriate for children of all ages. These one-of-a-kind showcases provide an opportunity to turn off your gadgets and experience dance, music, theater, and more, presented in kid-friendly, bite-size-pieces.


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