The Making is A Re-Making

Organization Kala Gallery
Hours no information


Opening starts at October 17,2013 06:00pm
Opening ends at October 17,2013 08:00pm
Address 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA, United States
Phone (51)841-7000
Start October 17, 2013
End November 27, 2013
Closed no information

What are Worlds made of? “Not from nothing… Worldmaking starts from worlds already on hand: the making is a remaking.” Nelson Goodman (Ways of Worldmaking, 1978)

Kala Gallery is proud to present The Making is A Re-Making, a group exhibition that presents work by artists who use materials from everyday life to generate new worlds. Objects, spaces or experiences can be used to create new worlds from old ones, transformed via new arrangements, compositions, re-purposing or other experimental methods creating an experience of unexpected and magical perceptional shifts.

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