URBAN CARPET 8x5 · 都市地毯8x5

Organization instant hutong
Hours Saturday: 10:00am - 06:00pm

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Opening starts at November 07,2009 10:00am
Opening ends at November 07,2009 06:00pm
Address dong zhi men wai, beijing, china, China
Phone +8613522311041
Website http://www.instanthutong.com/news.htm
Start November 7, 2009
End November 7, 2009
Closed Sunday - Friday

Works by·艺术家 : MARCELLA CAMPA & STEFANO AVESANI - www.instanthutong.com 首次,从未曾有过的,我们将把八个都市的地毯放在同一个空间展出。这五个展览将遍及五个四合院,作为当代老北京不同生活方式的简介。每个活动为期一天,在地毯,环境和参与者的互动中带给人独特的感觉。 For the first time ever eight urban carpets will be shown as one series in the same space. The five exhibitions will fill five Siheyuan courtyard houses, chosen as the snapshot of different contemporary ways of living in old Beijing. Each event will last for one day only offering a unique chance to observe the uncommon interaction between carpets, environment and local people’s lives. 五 5th 2009年11月7日, 10am – 6pm Private residential courtyard house - 私人地住宅院子 no.56, Zhuzhong Hutong, Gulou Xi Da Jie, Xi Cheng District 北京市西城区鼓楼西大街诸钟胡同56号 四角形的房子在这种房子体现出古代住宅如何提供高质量的现代避难所。在过去的50年,北京的四合院展现了适应不同生活方式的结构和在变化的时期中的需求。尽情地享受迷人的家庭的亲密性和神秘的花园,但是记住:勿踏草地。 The quadrangle house in Zhuzhong Hutong shows how an ancient residential dwelling nowadays offers a very high quality contemporary refuge. During the past 50 years Beijing Siheyuans revealed an extremely strong capability in adapting their structures to different lifestyles and needs throughout the changing of times. Take pleasure in entering the quite domestic intimacy of this charming and secret courthouse with garden. But please remember, do keep off the grass.

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