Better Half: An Evening of Performance

Organization The Educational Alliance
Hours Thursday: 07:00pm - 09:00pm


Address 197 East Broadway, New York, NY, United States
Phone 646-395-4236
Start October 15, 2009
End October 15, 2009
Closed Sunday - Wednesday, Friday - Saturday
2 Programs at The Mazer Theater Curated by David Gibson Thursday, Oct 15th 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm) The Mazer Theater of The Education Alliance 197 East Broadway, NY, NY 10002 (take F to "East Broadway" and walk 1 block east, entrance on the south side of East Broadway) Program 1: "Polkadot" - an excerpt from work-in-progress by Mayumi Ishino and Each Way Station Using familiar objects and the body as accessible metaphors, "Polkadot" comprises at once art installation, experimental music and elements of theater to push the boundaries of live narrative. The line is blurred between what is prepared and what is improvised, between fiction and reality. The audience is free to take a side. Interdisciplinary artist, Mayumi Ishino combines sculpture, drawing, installation, video, and performance. Her recent role as a director of theatrical performances led her to collaborate with a wide range of artists from various disciplines. Find more info at Program 2: "WORLD WITHOUT A HEAD" A collaboration between Sarah Olson and members of the Wendy Osserman Dance Company Visual Artist, Sarah Olson will perform and co-direct with Wendy Osserman a piece from their ongoing collaborative work, WORLD WITHOUT A HEAD. Utilizing a freestanding set as both scrim and canvas, Olson and dancers, Cori Kresge and Cara Heerdt will create illusions of shadow, movement, sound and painted line. They will develop elements from their previous works on stage, in a gallery, and in a public garden, combining sculptural components and costumes comprised almost entirely of recycled materials. World Without a Head, involving both visual art and dance, reflects the cross-pollination of these different practices. The performance speaks to the nature of our being 'headless', mindless, and thoughtless when it comes to our daily interactions with the very world that sustains us.

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