Christine Webster: Transitions

Organization The Lab
Hours Wednesday - Saturday: 01:00pm - 06:00pm


Opening starts at January 08,2010 06:00pm
Opening ends at January 08,2010 08:00pm
Address 2948 Sixteenth Street, San Francisco, CA, United States
Phone 415.864.8855
Start January 8, 2010
End January 16, 2010
Closed Sunday - Tuesday

In “Transitions,” Christine Webster explores how far teenage engagement in social media online communities might be taken to offer new realms of image construction and emotional expression across three very different but technically sophisticated cultures: the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Investigating the influences of teenage culture through interviews, social media networks, and interactive blogs, the project aims to chart the role of desire (and desirability) in the construction of identity and its projection online. Having already completed the U.K. and China segments of her project, Webster will be conducting her U.S. research here in the San Francisco Bay Area while exhibiting the findings from all three cultures at The Lab.

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