Elena Siff Activates 18th Street's Project Room

Organization 18th Street Arts Center
Hours Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 05:00pm


Opening starts at October 23,2010 06:00pm
Opening ends at October 23,2010 10:00pm
Address 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, Ca, United States
Phone 310 453-3711
Website http://www.18thstreet.org
Start October 23, 2010
End December 17, 2010
Closed Sunday, Saturday

 Elena Siff’s Making Change project addresses how the Internet plays a major role in this new artistic economy by setting up a virtual marketplace and a physical store in the 18th Street project room. Siff’s project began months ago when a public announcement was made to local artists in Los Angeles who create political and environmental works of art. Like a conductor looking for the perfect blend of instruments for her orchestra, Siff chose diverse artists whose works would bring diversity to her new distribution system and address political and environmental injustices. Artists who responded to the call-out answered the following questions before being selected:How is the idea of activism apparent in your art? Do you think political and environmental issues can be effectively addressed in art? Which artists do you admire who have an activist agenda? What issues are important to you? Siff is calling the group of artists chosen for her project the “Making Change” Artist Team. Their novel artworks, varying from crafts and clothing, to paintings, prints, and sculptures, are Siff’s major capital for operating her Making Change online Etsy store and her store in the Project Room. The store will be open Wednesday through Saturday beginning October 2nd from 1pm-6pm.



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