Organization 18th Street Arts Center
Hours Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 05:00pm


Opening starts at August 07,2010 06:00pm
Opening ends at August 07,2010 10:00pm
Address 1639 18th Street, Santa Monica, Ca, United States
Phone 310 453-3711
Website http://www.18thstreet.org
Start August 7, 2010
End September 24, 2010
Closed Sunday, Saturday


Ana Guajardo’s Tianguis-the Nahuatl word for open air markets dating from the Mesoamerican period and still in existence today-is a project examining a contemporary community of vendor-artists in Los Angeles that participate in and innovate the urban, public market culture. The Tianguis project is a three-month exploration integrating an exhibition, a live tianguis, community dialogues and workshops. It is a collaborative project utilizing the participation of a special community of artists and entrepreneurs that are relationally connected through Latino cultural events and venues in East Los Angeles. While this neighborhood has served as a hub to unite them annually at specific events, their work and residencies are by no means confined here.

The Tianguis Project aims to illuminate the complex network of art, commodity, politics and culture that are activated in the temporal and spatial constructs of these markets.

Works by: Araceli Silva, Becky Cortez, Botan, Daisy Tonantzin, Dewey Tafoya, Elisa Garcia, Elena Esparza, Felicia Montes, Lili Flor, Lisa Rocha, Monica Hernadez, Nena Soulfly, Orchidia, and Reyes Rodriguez


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