THE SOLO PROJECT, Basel (Switzerland)

Organization Kusseneers Gallery
Hours no information

St Jakobshalle
Brüglingerstrasse 19-21
4052 Basel

Monday June 8
VIP Preview: 11 AM- 8 PM

Tuesday-Sunday June 9-14
General admission: 11 AM-8 PM

Address De Burburestraat 11, Antwerp, Belgium
Phone + 32 (0)3 257 24 00
Start June 9, 2009
End June 14, 2009
Closed no information
The Solo project organisers are pleased to announce that after a successful first year in 2008, the project will double in size to appr. 40 high quality contemporary galleries in 2009. Times are undoubtedly harder this year but the Solo Project has built on a solid foundation of high quality work shown in well constructed spaces with a clear and specific focus. This, coupled with the fact that The Solo Project is run and organised by Paul Kusseneers and advisers, dealers who understand the market well and have a reputation for fairness, makes the event very popular with participants. The Solo project, as its name suggests, is primarily for the invited gallery’s to showcase a single artist or to feature a carefully curated group of related artworks by no more than two artists from the gallery stable The reasoning behind this is to give the visitor the opportunity to view a series of works by each artist in greater depth and within a healthy cultural context. The well designed and expansive catalogue accompanying The Solo Project focusing on the Artists featured that accompanied last year’s show, will feature strongly again in 2009, creating an exciting legacy item for participants and visitors alike. . Akinci / Amsterdam / Esther Tielemans Baer Galerie / Dresden / Hannes Broecker / Jan Brokof Bartha Contemporary / London / Sarah Chilvers / Henrik Eiben Galerie Niklas Belenius / Stockholm / Miriam Bäckström / Navin Rawanchaikul Monika Bobinska / London / Adam King Martina Detterer / Frankfurt / Marko Lehanka / Cornelius Völker DNA / Berlin / Nezaket Ekici / Tatsumi Orimoto f5,6 / Munich / Florian Böhm / Julia Peirone Lukas Feichtner gallery / Vienna / Stephan Reusse / Walter Weer Flatland Gallery / Utrecht / Jans Muskee / Nazif Topçuoglu Fucares / Madrid / Jacobo Castellano Gooden Gallery (VINEspace) / London / Sean Branagan / Paul Cole Gilles Peyroulet et Cie / Paris / Rudy Burckhardt / Mikael Levin Olivier Houg / Lyon / Eric Manigaud / Patrick Jolley Galerie Jones / Cologne / Joel Tomlin / Chuck Webster Konzett / Vienna / Christian Eisenberger Kuckei+Kuckei / Berlin / Peter K. Koch / Michael Laube Kusseneers Gallery / Antwerp / Stefan Annerel/ Curtis Mann Christian Lethert / Cologne / Lutz Fritsch Mauger Modern Art / Bath / Patrick Haines Claire Oliver Gallery/ New York / Gosha Ostretsov Emmanuel Post / Leipzig / Laura Bielau / Sebastian Gögel Christian Roellin / Sankt Gallen / Ingmar Alge / Klaus Merkel Roemerapotheke / Zürich / Jana Gunstheimer RONMANDOS / Amsterdam / Renato Nicolodi Tanya Rumpff / Haarlem / Ricardas Vaitiekunas / Sylvie Zijlmans Michael Sturm / Stuttgart Vanessa Henn - Sun Contemporary Seoul / Sang Hyun Lee UNION / London / Kyoko Kanda / Anders Krisár Paola Verrengia / Salerno / Mrdjan Bajic / Filippo Centenari Galerie Voss / Düsseldorf / Kay Kaul / Kate Waters VOUS ETES ICI / Amsterdam / Joachim Grommek / Mary Waters

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