Skin on Skin

Organization EC Gallery
Hours Thursday - Saturday: 11:00am - 03:00pm

Free and open to the public

Opening starts at May 27,2011 06:00pm
Opening ends at May 27,2011 08:00pm
Address 215 N. Aberdeen, Chicago, IL, United States
Phone 312.850.0924
Start May 18, 2011
End May 18, 2011
Closed Sunday - Wednesday

The E|C Gallery (Chicago) is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut "Skin on Skin". An opening night reception will be held at the EC Gallery, 215 N. Aberdeen, Friday, May 27, 2011, 6-8 pm.

The "Skin on Skin" series is a record of emotions and observations ... often subconscious, not always deliberate, or at least not thought over - rather felt and very intuitive. It revolves around human beings, their functioning in the personal and social sphere (the rela- tion between ME - YOU or ME - THEM).

"Skin on Skin" is about people depending on each other, about mutual relations, influences, pressures and manipulations. It's a turn toward the inside – from a noisy and chaotic street to the intimate sphere.
The fascination with structure, the pulse of a living metropolis, and life in anonymity and isolation that accompanies it, are the two poles between which we are suspended.

As a result, the surrounding reality is no longer realistic and does not fit the template to which we got used to ... it comes crashing down and leaves us puzzled.

Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut (b. 1983, Poland) lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She received her MFA f rom the The Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Wroclaw in 2008. Czeremuszkin-Chrut is the recipient of the 2007 scholarship UE Socrates -Erasmus -Edinburgh College of Art . 
She has had solo exhibitions at Sienna Center Gallery; Jazzownia Liberalna, Warsaw; Dluga Gallery, Poland and EC Gallery, Chicago. Her work has been featured in group shws around the Europe, including exhibitions at Flying Gallery in early 2010 and more recently "The Marian Michalik IV Competition for Young Painters" at the City Gallery, Czestochowa, Poland.

E|C Gallery will donate 100% of proceeds from current exhibition "Skin on Skin" to help support the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief.

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