The Film Industry Art Show

Organization iX Gallery & Event Place
Hours Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday: 01:00pm - 06:00pm
Wednesday: 01:00pm - 07:00pm
Saturday: 01:00pm - 05:00pm


Address 11 Davies Avenue #101, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone 416-461-3828
Website http://
Start September 12, 2009
End October 3, 2009
Closed Sunday
A special Film Festival inspired exhibit of Artists within the Film Industry. Creative talent working in the Film biz- Actors, Directors, Producers, and everyone in between- will exhibit works in various media they create when the cameras stop rolling. Bradley Dworkin (Documentary Film Maker) * Ben Edelberg (Casting)* Dave Gillespie (Photographer) * Christine Hamlett (Rescue Mediums) * Jason George (Director of Photography)* Mitch Harrison (Producer) * Ann Henshaw (Wardrobe) * Peter Mihaichuk (Production Designer)* Chris Musina (Art Department) with music by acclaimed Composer for television and film, Steve Sexton

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