Poor Traits

Organization Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
Hours Saturday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm


Opening starts at January 01,2000 06:00pm
Opening ends at January 01,2000 11:00pm
Address 1649 Amherst, Montreal, QC, United States
Phone 514-678-2923
Website http://
Start August 13, 2009
End August 13, 2009
Closed Sunday - Friday
Featuring the works of well over twenty emerging and established artists, “Poor Traits” is a playful group show in which each participant was asked to submit a portrait of whomever, or whatever they chose. The only criteria being anything from the shoulders up, and each on a 12x12” pre-prepared panel. Significantly, this project in its massive accumulation of images, focuses not on the individual visage (by giving each its ‘personal space’), but instead, like a mob of people hung in a salon-styled cluster of panels, these works challenge the viewer to confront the installation as a whole. Only with a little time and patience do the individual faces emerge to tell their tales, till the next character begs for attention. Thus the multifaceted story unfold as one gets the picture of a of very talented pile of artists having fun. Perhaps somehow reminiscent of a crowd filled nightmare, we assure you, this show will undoubtedly be far, far away from a bad dream. Bring your blankey just in case. Aya Kakeda Mimi Traillette Fabesko Eric Braun Rupert Bottenberg Maryanna Hardy Jen Storey Fred Casia Yana Gorbulsky (Supayana) Elaine Ho (Roadkill) Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood) Raphaelle bard Tyler Rauman Fred Caron Fiveeight Bfour Omen Richard Rossetto Stephen Schellenberger Tyson Bodnarchuk James Kerr Jason Botkin Billy Mavreas Mike Giles (Furni) Judy Lawrence (Miju) Carol Caron Benjamin Deshaies + more Poor Traits Opening night Saturday, August 22, 2009 6-11 pm Music by DJ Garry "Hero" Vickers Exhibit runs until September 30, 2009

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