The Dining Room Project at Paragraph Gallery / 21 E. 12th St. KCMO

Organization Charlotte Street Foundation
Hours Wednesday, Friday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 05:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am - 06:00pm


Address 1000 W. 25th St., Kansas City, MO, United States
Phone 816 221 5115
Start March 18, 2011
End May 15, 2011
Closed Sunday - Tuesday

The purpose of The Dining Room Project is to provide a series of meaningful forums in which the public may contemplate its multifaceted relationship with food and art.  The traditions, formalities, and conviviality of the domestic dining room become a platform for the exploration of issues of hunger, sustenance, and consumption, the origins of food, its history of cultural symbolism within various traditions, and its usefulness as a vehicle for communication and creative expression.  The Dining Room Project features over 30 original events and more than 50 participants from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, New York, California, Washington, and Puerto Rico. 

As a partner and collaborator on this project, Charlotte Street's Paragraph gallery (an Urban Culture Project venue) will be transformed into a site for research, installations, conversations, and a diverse range of activities, events, performances, presentations, and meals.  It will feature artworks, from video and installation to placesettings and centerpieces, by artists including Andrea Flamini, Lisa Marie Evans, Melissa Eder, Design Ranch, Peter Warren, PEASANTRY (Jessy Abid, Lee Heinemann, Cheyenne Craig), Meredith Host, Stephanie Kantor, Dame Osaurus, Paul Donnelly, Rain Harris, and Julie Malen.  This Dining Room Project: Potluck Smorgasbord begins with an opening reception on March 18 featuring several one-time only offerings, including a sampling of tradtional Spanish tapas by chef Carmen Cabia presented on Tapas Micros custom porcelainware by artits Ryan Fletcher, as well as Super-tasters Secret Society induction ceremony by Megan Mantia and Christopher Norman Good, for those with particularly sensitive palettes.

New programming will be featured every week, including off-site tours, dinners and excursions.  Visit for a full schedule of events (in progress) to occur at both Paragraph and Epsten galleries, and watch for updates as well as new documentation of activities each week.  And visit for more information about the project as a whole, including the parallel exhibition at Epsten Gallery, featuring dozens of additional artists.

The Dining Room Project is...

Two thematic group exhibitions at Paragraph Gallery March 18 - May 7, 2011, and Epsten Gallery March 20 - May 15, 2011 featuring artists from our region alongside established artists from around the country and beyond.  Each gallery will also serve as a Harvesters collection site for the community to build a food-bank to be donated to the region's needy residents.

A collaborative partnership between KCJMCA and the Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project offering a community-driven, eight week "meal" of installations, activities, discussions, screenings, workshops, excursions, perfromances, an array of dining experiences at Epsten and Paragraph galleries.

80 page catalogue/cookbook published by KCJMCA featuring work by exhibiting artists, recipes by well-known Kansas City visual artists and contributed text by food writer Charles Ferruzza, art historian Sherry Cromwell-Lacy, KCJMCA Curator Marcus Cain, and CSF Associate Director Kate Hackman.


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