Network Topographies - a talk with Chicago-based artist Sarah Schnadt

Organization Charlotte Street Foundation
Hours Wednesday: 07:30pm - 08:30pm


Address 1000 W. 25th St., Kansas City, MO, United States
Phone 816 221 5115
Start September 29, 2010
End September 29, 2010
Closed Sunday - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday

Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project is pleased to present a free lecture by Sara Schnadt, an internationally recognized, Chicago-based artist working in new media, installation and performance art.  Schnadt will focus on her current project, Network, which explores the profound impact of the internet on our sense of special relationships, as it collapses geography and provides unprecedented access to an expansive network of information and relationships in our daily lives.

“With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, we are increasingly gaining this access not just while on a computer, but at any time as we move through ordinary space. In this way we are, more and more, existing in ordinary and virtual space simultaneously,” writes Schnadt.

Network visualizes this idea of the infinitely expansive virtual space we now inhabit, using large quantities of electric yellow twine (tied in patterns based on both social network structures and Internet network infrastructure) and mirrors to suggest a 'virtual' network landscape cutting through an otherwise ordinary space.

Since November 2009, site-specific versions of Network have been created in Chicago for an unused store front downtown, a gallery space at Hyde Park Art Center, and a house in Oak Park, where it inhabited the entire space and and extended into the garden, and where the home's inhabitants lived with the work for a month, negotiating their routines around it.  A version will also be presented this fall in a converted industrial space at MOCAD Detroit, and in the curated exhibtion for Upgrade! Soft Borders, an international conference of new media artists in Sao Paolo in October.


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