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Christine Ann Atallah and the Bassalindos

lives in: Montreal
Christine Atallah and the Bassalindos are a Canadian band out of Montreal. Their music is a cosmopolitan blend of East and West. Its multilingual pop music, with Latin and Arabic elements as well as nuances of jazz. The music has... [more]

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Christine Atallah


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Peace Through Music


When I began to write the Song Salam I was told by an ornery, cynical producer that the message was naive. I am a verbose and bookish person whose lyrics are usually critiqued as being too intellectual or not accessible enough. Well, for Salam, I was going for something universal, something everyone could relate to. If dreaming of peace is naïve, well then let me be as puerile as a child. When composing this song I thought of big corporations and their greed hand in hand with governments whose invasive concern, masked as humanitarian, is really monetary avarice. Innocents die for dollars and cents… Alliances are forged for gain and control of wealth. What is wrong with hoping for a united world where materialism, even nationalism takes second place to our shared humanity? And so, I dream of a planet wide united goals employing non violent ways to settle conflict and distribute resources equitably in a system of sharing. Is it not natural for each person to want comfort, security, peace and dignity? I think it is a human right… What kind of world are we passing on to the children of the world? I worry about humanity, about our fragile beautiful planet and people who know pain and loss everyday. So I wrote the song just as I pleased and then off to the studio where I invited the melodious Montreal Mass Gospel Choir to join in with me. Several of my sweet young voice students participated also, to symbolize the future. I enjoyed the mixture of voices and their different timbres and colors; like the people in the studio of all ages and ethnicities. Yes, this is what I was hearing in my mind. One day I got a letter from the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand. HYPERLINK “” They asked for a signed copy of my album Escapades, featuring the song Salam and for an autographed photo of me for their permanent exhibit. I felt a tingling in my eyes of joy at this recognition of a shared dream. My work in that ancient city of Arabian nights, in a museum filled with many artists from around the world who are as “naïve” as me. Perfect! The honor still makes me glow with pride. I felt vindicated in having been so plain in my message. The universality of it made it shine to join other voices from far and wide. Later, an artist Xian, created a garden of exquisite handmade flowing, hand painted scarves. One was given to Sir Paul McCartney (All you need is love scarf) another to designer Stella McCartney (Dame_Oiselle scarf) and one to the wife of the Egyptian President Susanne Mubarak. To be amongst this illustrious company was a compliment, as I was given what I thought to be the most beautiful and important of all.. The Peace Scarf. This artwork has the word peace on it in every language of the earth and I take it everywhere I play and place it on the stage. It is a banner to my campaign, one that I will never cease. Next album should have another peace song on it. I am a 21st century crusader for a world free of the barbarism of war.☮ 

                                                                                        Christine Ann Atallah



Christine Atallah and The Bassalindos: Escapades

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