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born: 1966
born in: Ireland
lives in: Glasgow
Cathy Wilkes was born in Belfast. She attended Glasgow School of Art 1985–1988, and took an MFA at the University of Ulster 1991–1992. She was a Fine Art sculpture tutor at the Duncan Jordanstone college of art 1996–2000. Wilkes was nominated for the Turner Prize for her show at... [more]

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Unknown User says:
“Nice work.”
Posted over 3 years ago
“These works aren’t provocative they are just semantically confused ,I actually spent several years making the same type of junk art myself while going on about liminality and the non-hierarchical play of signification. In time I realized these observations were philosophically trivial, you’ll find several art students at every institution trying their hand at this type of low grade anti -virtuoso performance, at best producing decaffeinated Chapman brother imitations. If the works don’t have any publically agreed meaning, they only have residual semantic possibility .The unassigned semantic status of such performances are in a Wittgensteinian sense without meaning plain and simple. This type of work is confusing however because it suggest the portent of semantic bearing tokens, but this vague expectation or memory is different to meaning. It’s also as I stated previously , trivial to suggest that this contextual vagueness is a philosophically interesting subject as Derrida and Barthes did in the 60’s.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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