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born: 1988
born in: london, Ont
lives in: Mississauga
I guess you could say I m an Extremist, i actively partake in almost every aspect of art. All forms of Expression are needed by myself to release the enormous amount of apathy, that has found its way to my soul... [more]

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i realize with great deapth in thought blue sky's to far from me to reach up in it and pull me from these clouds to see. speak in toung twisters half the time fluently. i could soar over their rainbow, but what of mine. like a talkative mime that people ignore because he ran out of luck lost his partner at the same time.wont talk i dont blame him either waveing his arms and restraining himself inside his inventive invisable box... but who's to say it was never there..who would really stop and listen.. give this flailing lunatic the chance to regain.. i guess its better and a blessing allways veering through a window of secound guessing, past cross refrencing the lost jepordy we all thought we put our selves in when really its not our emotion we are feeling.. not our freedom to revealing. a speach that no one speaks up to. a rythm of one drum we all must dance in different ways too. we are all the same, because we all will die just as easy as the next. as easy as recognition of these words compiled so fithily together needlessly. why she just pushes it away, bled my last drop bleeding these words seemlessly. with no needle i burried that in hey. then watched it burn inderectly reflecting in her almost in tear glossed eyes to proud to reveal fear. i look back now apon all these years and i realize im only counting down to a pestering unpaid debt. just like the line between sanity and socialy accept, calling collect from my mind cuz i lost my will to communicate this lonely bet. 21 and 0 and i still dont regret loveing her yet..


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