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born: 1951
born in: Philadelphia
lives in: Philadelphia suburbs
I am a professional visual artist, deigner and entrepreneur. I also own a design/build construction management corporation and a nonprofit corporation that helps individuals disenfranchised from the community successfully re-enter their respective communities. My first professional exhibit was in 1974 and... [more]

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“I have added some new images and a simple animated documentary of my work today, Oct. 16, 2009. I will be uploading more examples of my fine art efforts in the coming days. Feel free to visit my web site at as well as and AND most importantly, enjoy today - it is the best day yet - it's the only one we have!!!”
Posted over 5 years ago
“New images have been uploaded this evening to my "Artist" listing. Happy holidays to thiose who understand. May the best of the past be the worst of your future... in all affairs.”
Posted over 5 years ago
“I am newly subscribed to this web opportunity and will be uploading my works during the course of the next few days. Please visit my "Artist' listing as Jeffrey Pergament as well as my web site. Again, thank you for viewing my webpage at ART+CULTURE.”
Posted over 5 years ago
Adam Fields replies:
“Welcome to A+C, Jeff - Glad to have you.”
Posted over 5 years ago
Visualjeff replies:
“Very cool; thank you kindly, Adam.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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