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Andrea Ehrenberg

born: 1980
born in: Mexico City
Born in Mexico City among artists, I was early interested in visual arts. I then studied fine arts at La Esmeralda, National Center for the Arts in Mexico, then at the London's New York Film Academy, and finally received a Bachelor... [more]

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“Your paintings are terrific Andrea. Are you showing them in Mexico?”
Posted over 5 years ago
“Thank you Chris! I've had three exhibitions recently here in Mexico. At the moment I am organizing my return to London, and I will spend some time in NY previously. Don't have dates yet though. In the meantime I am doing some new work. Hopefully we'll be able to meet at some point.”
Posted over 5 years ago
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posted on 09.19.09


Andrea Ehrenberg




I looked around to find myself completely alone.

 And there, where nothing can be seen,

where nothing can be heard,

my heart busrt forth,

with truth, with love.


Then I curled up again and rolled the miles of tainted ego,

to territories unknown, to uncomfortable mirrors.


My thoughts let loose.

Control was gone.

I faced existance with what I got.


The words of the wise ones echoed in my head,

silencing my grief.


Yet mine were the only eyes I had to see.


With a humbled heart and dareful eyes I walked the path.

Leaving behind what I thought I was, and discovering what I know I am.


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posted on 09.20.09





Unto a new path, too high a spirit, too scattered a mind. Arrival dreams seduce resistance. Awaiting peace awaits. Walk on melancholy driven, understand you bake your bread. Old is a mirror of your nature, silent my most honest gesture. I walk unbound but I will be "there". My feet have marks of broken landscapes. Your face reminds me of love to share. Territorial welcoming, boundaries not to be crossed. You exit the picture, I know nothing is lost.

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