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born in: Toronto
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IX Gallery is the exhibit and event space extension of Colourgenics, a fine art digital imaging service bureau in Toronto. IX Gallery is a center for art and events. Our schedule changes every month so check our 'exhibit & event' page... [more]

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Visual Arts



Deadline: DECEMBER 1ST, 2011

IX Gallery is the exhibit and event space of Colourgenics Fine Art Digital Imaging, which has provided top flight services to Canada’s foremost visual artists and photographers for more than 25 years.  All works shown in the space are printed, mounted, and framed by Colourgenics.

We are currently seeking submissions for our 2012 exhibition of cell phone camera images. This will be a juried show open to everyone (amature, professional, young, mature, eccentrics, sports fans, politicians, students, honoured members of the business community). We want to see your best cell phone photos! Selected works will be produced in our high-end fine art facility, at our cost, and displayed for the public. If you are selected, you will have the option of purchasing your piece at the end of the show, but you don’t have to.

Submission Details:

* You can submit up to 10 images for consideration
* Images MUST have been captured with a cell phone
* Images MUST be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels
* Please include your name, email address and phone number
* Email your submissions to, or,
* Drop off a CD-R clearly labeled with your name and contact information to the address below
* Please note that CD-R submissions will not be returned 
Image Security:

* Don’t worry: we will not share your image(s), or display them without your permission.
* All artists will be credited for their images.

Accepted Formats:

* JPEG or TIFF File

For more information on this project, please call 416.461.3233 or email

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