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Laetitia Hussain

born in: Marseille, France
lives in: Hudson
Born in Marseille, Laetitia Hussain grew up in Dijon (France), Damascus (Syria), Albany (New York), and has lived in Millbrook (New York) and NYC She attended Russell Sage College and SUNY Purchase, where she received her B.A. in Fine Arts. Laetitia's... [more]

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“I love this installation. How long will it be up?”
Posted over 5 years ago
“The closing is on september 5th from 7 to 9 after that I will take it down. I'm in the process of finding its next venue. If you are in the Catskill Hudson area I'm also showing the installation by appointment. Let me know if that interests you. Thanks, I'm very pleased you like it. Laetitia”
Posted over 5 years ago
Chris Vroom replies:
“I split my time between Red Hook and Williamsburg so am around. Would either tomorrow or next week be possible?”
Posted over 5 years ago
“Call me in the morning, I live in Hudson we can take a ride over to catskill. 518-810-4023 I live at 609 Warren st above Le gamin 3rd floor my art studio and apartment. ”
Posted over 5 years ago
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