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Adam Austin

born: 1987
born in: New Orleans
lives in: San Francisco
Like Rafael, Adam Austin was driven as a young child to strive for excellence in his artwork. He would devote his life to attempt to capture life and illustrate his environment. His dedication and perseverance has lead to numerous productions influenced... [more]

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posted on 07.21.09





Adam Austin


1456 Jones St Apt #5

San Francisco, CA 94019

Tel: (985) 705-1987


Dedicated, traditionally trained fine art painter


Academy of Art, San Francisco, California                                                2007-Present

Painting AA


Delgado Community College                                                                      2006-2007

Painting Major



Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Water Color Painting, Pastels and Charcoal, Still life, Color & Design, Abstract, Surrealism, Anatomy, Screen printing, block printing, clay sculpting, Customer service, Microsoft word, E-mailing, Copying and faxing


Responsive Service and Maintenance                                                     2007-2008

Office Assistant


The Gap                                                                                                        2004-2006

Sales Assistant




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posted on 07.21.09





Adam Austin

Designing Careers

July 1, 2009



Vision For the Future


As my paper indicated, I had to do some soul searching in order to be able to truly answer some of the questions presented before me. I believe my short-term goals right now are to finish college and hopefully obtain a degree. I hope to learn as much as retainable knowledge while I’m in college. I would describe myself as a sponge, just soaking up all the information around me. My short-term goals would help me obtain my long-term goals, which are to be a gallery artist.  I would like to be able to afford a nice lifestyle, while still being an active and creative gallery artist.  This would mean hopefully painting as much as possible. My satisfaction comes from the entire creative process, but mostly when I am completely finish a project that I put all of my time into and not so much the pay associated with it.

My artistic process reflects my own philosophies of being free and using your instincts. Even though this process is how I feel most comfortable, I know it is susceptible to mistakes.  I believe making mistakes is an important part of the artistic process and is more beneficial than most people recognize. Mistakes force the artist to correct them and get the piece of art to the level that they really want it to be at. Sometimes these mistakes push an artwork to a completely new, often better, look. Mistakes have shaped how I learned to paint because I have been painting since a young child. One major lesson I have learned is that rushing will not only cause more mistakes but it can take away from the entire process. Painting is painstaking and takes patience. I personally have had this problem before because I would get burnt out on one piece of work. I would make the mistake of pushing through on something with a single break. I corrected myself by working on other pieces while I would take a break from my main piece of artwork and I would take long walks to clear my mind. This has helped me tremendously and has made me a more efficient artist.



Friendly Competition


Being in a fast paced art market of today, I would have a lot of competition. I believe that older artists are my immediate competition because they have had more years of experience to tune there art skills and already have a reputation. The average salary of a hard working gallery artist is $40,000 a year, but your pay can be dramatically affected by many different factors such as: employer size, industry, employee credentials, and years of experience. states, “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of salaried fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators, was $38,060 in 2004. Free-lancers can make far more or far less than this median. Since artists are usually self-employed, they do not receive fringe benefits such as paid holidays, sick leave, health insurance, or pensions.” The price range of the art I am selling depends largely on the location I would sell it at. In a large city such as San Francisco, I could probably sell my work for $300 and more.  In a smaller market, I would probably be starting at a price range of around $150. I have calculated this price by the cost of materials and the time I would spend on the work.  I would also take into account that I am fresh out of art school.

 I want to promote myself as being very daring and edgy artist. This reflects the kind of person I am. I also try to never forget that I am from Louisiana. A large part of me still has the feelings of the people of New Orleans that I have left behind. I want to speak for them and show the rest of the world how culturally diverse and special New Orleans is. I also want to show how the culture of New Orleans has affected my artwork personally.



Tricks of the Trade


I have to obtain knowledge of almost all art mediums and movements in order to fulfill my professional goals. I need to have knowledge of art history while still keeping up with the current art trends. When Diego Jacobson was asked how he developed his painting style, he responded by saying: “The first year and a half I tried to find out what my style was by painting a bit of everything. I found that abstract expressionism worked really well for me. As I’ve learned various techniques I have incorporated them into the paintings…I try not to be formulaic. I like to create new processes and new forms of expression. I am always looking for new ways to paint.” I will have to effectively speak in front of people about my art and myself. I am pretty adept in most of these skills now but I feel I could work on my public speaking. I feel like I can still be too shy in front of large groups. As far as art history goes, I have taken many classes but still need to brush up on them in order to effectively speak about certain topics. Others have rated my personal skills as being positive. People tend to see me as being hardworking and determined to get what I want.  After some research, I have found that most professional galleries require a bachelors or some degree of art with past gallery experience, which is what I am working toward now.



The Inner Circle


There are many journals and affiliations in the field of Art, specifically painting. I personally enjoy Juxtapoz and Vice, because they have very modern and dynamic artwork. I believe having refined your art style and being recognized in art galleries will help tremendously with being accepted into one of these magazines. Wikipedia describes Juxtapoz by saying, “Many famed illustrators and painters received their first serious recognition in Juxtapoz, including Lori Earley, Mark Ryden, among others.” The benefits of displaying my artwork in Juxtapoz and Vice Magazine would able to entertain a worldwide audience with my imagination. It would also jump start my career, hopefully taking me from just an art student to a fully recognized artist. This would give me the possibility to create work for many galleries. These magazines also have many conventions and gatherings that help people network and become more connected with the art in San Francisco and many other major cities.



Landing the Job


I would personally enjoy working in any gallery or an art magazine. I have become very interested in Hang Art. describes their gallery by saying, “HANG ART is fresh art. We scour the San Francisco Bay Area to find exceptional artists—giving you access to a wide variety of the best quality original artwork being produced today.”  I believe a lot of the artwork this gallery sells is at very benefiting prices. The environment of Hang Art is similar to the one I enjoyed here at school with the teachers and students of the Fine Arts department. I would also enjoy working there because of the fast paced atmosphere. I believe my artwork could fit into a gallery like this one because my art shows a lot of emotion. The more I discover about my passion for art and the larger my works seem to become. My work I feel will be marketable to a large audience because it is influenced by a unique part of the world, New Orleans. From its unique culture and food, to its wild and crazy nightlife, New Orleans based artwork has vast amount of inspiring and imaginative ideas.





















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