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Jen Reimer

lives in: Montreal
JEN REIMER is a composer and performer based in Montréal known for creating ambient site-specific performances in resonant urban locations: abandoned warehouses, viaducts, underground tunnels and metro stations. Jen received a Bachelor of Music in composition and performance from the University... [more]

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“Poetics of Space looks cool - would love to hear it and your other projects at some point. Any recordings or video?”
Posted over 6 years ago
Adam Scott Neal replies:
“PS: I know Gascia too (she started teaching at QUB just as I was finishing my MA). Small world!”
Posted over 6 years ago
Jen Reimer replies:
“no way! small world... thanks for the post. i'll upload the video in a couple weeks. ”
Posted over 5 years ago
Posted over 6 years ago
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