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Hyperdub: Five Years of Hyperdub

 I’ve recently discovered that the British label Hyperdub has released a five-year compilation of their best tracks. I was unfamiliar with dubstep (and all the myriad variations within the genre) up until last year, but my forays into the world of experimental music, including field recording and drone ambient music has given me a more sympathetic ear for Hyperdub’s funky techno, dark, moody and bass-heavy style.    The company is well known for headlining and introducing some of the best talent in new electronica and smart dance music. This two-disc collection of tracks old, rare and new introduces some of the brightest and best producers, musicians and DJs covering all forms of dubstep, funk, jazz, electronica and everything in between. Burial, an unknown until a few years ago, was first released on this label-and they were nominated for a Mercury Music Prize in 2008.   Steve Goodman, who is a DJ, producer, writer and academic, created the label in the 1990s, but interestingly enough, he calls his creation a ‘virus’ because “that’s the way I understand music culture. There’s a history of music, particularly dub and reggae, being described as a virus-Hyperdub is a mutation of British electronic music, infected by Jamaican soundsystem culture: from dub and reggae, through jungle, right up to grime, dubstep and funky. It’s a way of thinking about how musical change and evolution takes place.” [1]


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