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Sophie Calle Overview

born: 1953
born in: France
lives in: Paris
French conceptual artist Sophie Calle explores intimate experience with cool detachment. She is known for bringing private lives into public spaces and her projects are often voyeuristic and confessional. In 1979, Calle disguised herself and followed a man she met at... [more]

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Videocake says:
“I was introduced to Sophie Calle's work last year. We took a road trip to Montreal to see her "Take Care of Yourself" exhibit. It was astounding. 2 floors spread over 2 venues. The video art and interactive video was exceptional. It was so personal and heartbreaking. A very real portrait of the confusion created by heartache. Allowing 107 people to interpret the break up letter in question is a brilliant coping mechanism, and made for some very fine art indeed.”
Posted over 6 years ago
“I am pretty happy to be the only guy following Sophie Calle. Loved her show at the last Venice Bienale and just saw it again at Paula Cooper's gallery. While I think many would agree that ending a relationship with an email and closing that email with a nonchalant, "take care of yourself", is callous and unfeeling, I'm not sure it justifies having the email transformed into an art piece. That said, Calle's whole oeuvre has staked out public territory into which she thrusts private intimacies, so perhaps he should have known better. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
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