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Mister Artsee

born: 2005
born in: NY
lives in: NY
Mister ArtSee Mister ArtSee began as a vintage ice-cream truck, completely transformed into a wondrous mobile art laboratory that can travel city streets, hosting a wide array of engaging projects: installations, sound-pieces, performances, presentations, visual art and videos. The ArtSee vehicle... [more]

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posted on 09.08.09


MISTER ARtsee Debuts at New York Fall Art Preview

Artist Elliott Arkin’s Highly-Anticipated Mobile Art Laboratory at Half Gallery


   New York, NY – August 24, 2009 – The Art-Z group, founded by artist Elliott Arkin, announced today the exhibition of a scale-model  Mister ArtSee, a vintage ice-cream truck completely transformed into a wondrous mobile arts laboratory that can travel city streets and will host a wide array of engaging projects including installations, sound-pieces, performances, presentations, visual art and videos. The exhibition debuts on September 10th at Half Gallery during the New York Fall art preview and runs through September 17th.


A first-of-its-kind experimental platform in both form and content, Mister ArtSee was conceived by Elliott Arkin, and designed by Atelier DNA, a New York City architecture and technology studio headed by architect Dario Nunez-Ameni. A work of art as well as a space for art, Mister ArtSee has been developed to maximize versatility, accessibility and expandability as a self-sufficient, multipurpose art-mobile, whose possibilities are limited only by the imagination of its participants.


“Like a Swiss-army knife, Mr. ArtSee will be equipped with numerous extensions—a platform stage, video projectors, a podium—with the ability to fold out and open up to facilitate such projects,” said artist Elliott Arkin. “The design seeks to achieve maximum versatility and world class artistry to fulfill our mission of bringing information and contemporary art to the areas it visits, especially neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds, parks and public spaces not typically served by traditional art institutions.”


Circumventing the typical path from studio to gallery to museum, Mister ArtSee will offer new platforms for artists to completely transform the vehicle according to their visions. Furthermore, informative videos and other materials, lectures, presentations and programs developed by the arts community and displayed through the Mister ArtSee project will provide information and education on the arts.


In addition to Half Gallery founders James Frey, Bill Powers and Andy Spade, who represent Arkin, Mister ArtSee’s Board of Advisors include: the prominent Dutch art collectors Ben and Coco Van Meerondonk; Museum Magazine's creator Larry Warsh; New York Cares founder Noah Gotbaum; architect Dario Nunez-Ameni and artists Marc Lafia, Kiki Seror and Renee Cox. The group has received several grants including $50,000 from the Annenberg Foundation, as well as a The Brooklyn Arts Council re-grant from the New York State Council on the Arts


Mister ArtSee is a significant concept at a time when our world is re-examining social structures,” said Cary Levine, professor of Art History at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and consultant on the ArtSee project. “The approach--bringing an adaptable and accessible platform for art to people--is timely and much needed for artists and audiences alike. The project is ripe for encouraging real innovation and creative expansion in the arts, both in how they're created and how they're experienced.”


Following the exhibition, the completed Mister ArtSee project will be unveiled in full-scale on National Arts Advocacy Day on April 13, 2010. To coincide with its inauguration, a "first day of issue" United States postage stamp has been created to honor the project. Each stamp will be available through the not-for-profit Art-Z group organization to raise funds for the ongoing Mister ArtSee project.


For more information, please visit or


About Art-Z group

Art-Z group is a not-for-profit 501c3 arts organization established to support and run the ArtSee vehicles. The ArtSee project includes an open platform to receive and facilitate creative projects as suggested by artists, art organizations and community groups. The organization welcomes all inquiries. For more information contact



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