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The Cardboard Gallery, which opens this Friday at the Art Under the Bridge Festival, is rooted directly in the local history of Dumbo and connected to a group of artists working in the Ukraine.  This connection has multiple layers of visual and philosophical references from the origins of cardboard box manufacturing in Brooklyn, to its implications of transient construction and defining social structures. The Cardboard Gallery, a project of the Gemini Corporation, has invited the Ukrainian artist collective, the SOSka Group, to present their work for the first time in the US.  All three artist groups share the politics of bartering as a way of social interaction and ultimately survival.  During the course of the Festival viewers will be able to participate with their own exchanges.  Look up The Cardboard Gallery and Art Under the Bridge on the Art and Culture website. Image Courtesy Marta  Gazicka, architec, the Cardboard Gallery.

Image Courtesy SOSka Group, "Barter," 2007


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