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born: 1956
born in: Cheshire, England
lives in: Scotland
Goldsworthy is an artist belonging the developing field known as Land Art or Earth Art. Other notable artists in this field include Richard Long, Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer, James Turrell, Walter de Maria and many others.... [more]

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“Andy, I was directed to your work by arts curators in Penzance. Joined Arts to contact you if that is OK. I have found likely Neolithic stone objects but they are embellished in order for the imagination to see further pattern and form in the rock. This was already done in Palaeolithic cave art (see Chauvet Cave, etc.). Have called this 'Super Natural Art'. You may have a better name already and some direct experience as you work so well with nature already. ”
Posted about 1 year ago
“Very much like your work.”
Posted over 4 years ago
“Andy, i discover your work, in a book i got in NY in 2004, i felt a shock of energy trought my body, just watching the pictures... i hope that your work can touch lots of more people like it doit to me... if someday you come to México you have a friend here, and i can take you to amazing places. congratulations! ”
Posted over 5 years ago
“Dear Andy ! I like your works, if you do documentum films in the future, i be kindly collaborate with you.... Best Regards, Istvan”
Posted over 6 years ago
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