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posted on 10.07.12





international flags

Before this nation was granted independence by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, or Holland, Suriname flew a different flag. At the time, it featured five differently colored five-pointed stars that were attached to en ellipse shaped round. That particular flag featured the stars on a white field and only flew some 26 years, from '59 till '75. At times, one traveling through the territory might bump into this old national flag. Those of you interested in banners and international flags for sale, make sure to learn what material and size flag you should choose for your residential flagpoles. Also, proper care will help make banners and flags last, especially if flown consciously. In other words, flags work very hard and are left up flying until it is no more. Consider taking it down at night to prevent it from wearing and tearing relatively quickly.

For the current college student, college flags are often used to decorate a dorm room or wave in the stands at a football game. The best college banners for sale are made from top quality materials and durable fabrics that are an exact match for the school's insignia. Of all the ways there are to celebrate your allegiance to a school, college banners are the most noticeable. Buying officially licensed college flags or banners will ensure quality construction and authentic colors, with two ply construction that allows the flags to be viewed from either side. A quality-made, officially licensed, college flag will display your school spirit as a student, school fan or as an alumni for many years to come. Randy F. Smith is the CEO of Advertising flag company. Advertising Flag Company offers a huge selection of affordable flags, banners, flagpoles & accessories, plus fine custom-made flag products of all kinds.

The flag of Argentina was adopted on February 12, 1812 and is twice as wide as it is tall. It consists of three equally wide horizontal stripes colored cerulean blue and white, alternating. The three stripes on the flag were designed by Manuel Belgrano, who was the leader of the Argentinean revolution against Spain. Argentina did not claim independence from Spain until 1816. Argentinean Flag etiquette is very strict and it is essential that Flag rules and protocols are followed correctly. One of the etiquette rules stipulates the flag's order of precedence, which includes the National Flag of Argentina, State Flag of Argentina, military flags of Argentina and other flags of the country. Argentina also imposes strict laws on the handling and display of the national flag which includes the appropriate type of wood for the flagpole. Flag day in Argentina is celebrated on June 20th, which is the anniversary of Manuel Belgrano's death.

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