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born: 1987
born in: Bangladesh
I am working in a graphics design company. Here different photo editing services like clipping path, photo masking service, photo retouching, raster to vector conversion and more are provided. I am so much involved in artworks and just love to do... [more]

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Bitmap To Vector Conversion
Vector Images
Bitmap Images
Image To Vector
Computer Graphics

Students who enter the world of graphic art with stars in their eyes need to encounter the first step of working with digital images. Without the basic knowledge of bitmap and vector-two words and procedures that form the basis of any editing process, it is not possible to make any headway. Both are 2D i.e. images -in two dimension including its length and breadth. In the present scenario, there is bright career in computer graphics and thousands of students enroll themselves in reputed institutes to pursue this course and build a strong career in this exciting field. Often there will be a need for bitmap to vector conversion and this will be the stepping stone to becoming a fine artist.


Bitmap images are composed of pixels that are present in grid. These pixels refer to picture element and a tiny dot represents individual color. When these dots are together, it forms colorful images that are visible by human eye. Normally, a computer monitor is designed to display 100 pixels/inch. This display is totally dependent upon monitor size as well as on screen setting. Bitmap pictures are dependent on resolution. Resolution means the total quantity of pixels present in any image. It is represented or denoted by “dpi” or “ppi”. It is not possible to increase or reduce the size of bitmap images with ease. Some of the common formats for bitmap images are BMP, PSD, PCX, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and JPEG.


Vector images consist of many scalable objects. Mathematical equation is used to define such objects than pixels.  The use of mathematical equation in images provides good quality to it. Objects can be in form of lines, curves as well as in different shapes with various attributes that include color or outline. Vectors images can be modified in shape and in color, which is not possible in bitmap images. Vector images are independent of resolution and it become possible to enlarge or reduce its size accordingly. Bitmap images are restricted to rectangular shapes while this is not the case with vector images. Common formats of vector images are AI, WMF, DXF, CGM, CDR and CMX. Most popular programs for vector drawing are Serif DrawPlus, Adobe Illustator, Xara Xtreme and CoreIDRAW.


For conversion of bitmap images into vector images, CAD program is required. It is programmed in such a way that it can easily import as well as display any bitmap images. For further modification in bitmap images you should convert this image into vector. This is essential requirement so as to operate with CAD OR CNN Program. You can draw bitmap images with use of CAD program. Software can be used to convert such image to vector image. Resolution is important part during such conversion. Images, which have low resolution, are not converted into vector images. Web images or any scanned images that are having resolution from 200 to 400 dpi are converted into vector with perfect visibility. JPEG files are not suitable for this conversion because when a graphic file is saved in this format, some details are lost during compression of the file. Thus quality of the image gets lowered and process of conversion becomes typical. Use PDF files for best conversion as this program support vector images.

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