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‘art place berlin’ is the forum for the presentation of exhibitions of contemporary art and intercultural projects, located at the Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz. Today ‘art place berlin’ looks back on four years of successful cooperation with artists, curators and institutions. Before... [more]

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artberlin says:
“'art place berlin' shows ‘Four positions of contemporary painting’, February 27th – May 18th, 2014 at the Park Inn by Radisson Berlin-Alexanderplatz The exhibition brings together works by four artists of different generations and characterized by diverse cultural influences their countries of origin on three continents. As individual as their path to art is also the style of their painting. From photo-realistic to abstract and mini-malist elements, the exhibition covers a wide spectrum of contemporary painting. Tomohisa Ishizuka / Japan, *1980 “What I want to paint, are pieces that excite me, pieces that shiver my soul. Running lines and throwing colors onto a white blank canvas as the body wishes to move, concentrating on the ever-changing screen, selecting the lines and colors that catch the eye of the heart. As a result, my work becomes complete.” Ivar Kaasik / Estonia, *1965 Using op-art techniques, but also new multimedia technology, Kaasik puts painting in a modern context. His works are full of ‘naturalness’ - the viewer is free to form their own opinions and not merely swallow the predestined thoughts of the painter or follow any strict guidelines. - Peeter Kormasov Alexander Kosyak / Russia, *1957 “I construct emotional images-symbols and aspire that in my work they are ambiguous, mysterious, but clearly readable. In some works I create a situation of uncertainty, a flowing transition of the image-symbol from one state to another, as sign of conversion and exchange of modern and ancient cultures of East and West.” Raphael Pollack / USA, *1942 “My attempt in painting is to create form through color and not the other way around. I love the moment when that happens but it happens so to speak in its own time and especially not when I want it. It’s a process that involves much patience. While painting you watch some-thing grow knowing it can change its direction at any moment.” art place berlin – forum for contemporary art Alexanderplatz 7 / Park Inn by Radisson 10178 Berlin / Germany ”
Posted about 1 year ago
artberlin says:
“‘art place berlin’ – forum for contemporary art at the Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz shows until January 31st, 2014: The Graphic Portfolio - FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA Graphics by 50 artists from 22 countries The artists dedicated their works to the Spanish poet and dramatist. The Garcia Lorca portfolio which contains coloured lithographs and serigraphs originated in the 1990ies. It is a homage to a generalist who sowed instead of hatred, violence and intolerance love, truth and understanding. The graphic portfolio became also an informative tour through the international contemporary art and became a document of cultural, artistic and historic importance. List of the involved artists: Arman, Yaakov Agam, Miguel Berrocal, Paul Bogaret, Sandro Bracchitta, Peter Brandes, Boris Bucan, Rafael Canogar, Joaquin Capa, Luis Maria Caruncho, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Philippe Cognee, Robert Combas, Corneille, José de Guimaraes, Erró, Antonio Girbes, Luis Gordillo, Josep María Guinovart, Peter Klasen, Manabu Kochi, Jannis Kounellis, Ivan Kozaric, Cristian Kriki, Peter Kuckei, Helge Leiberg, Ivan Lesiak, Bengt Lindström, Ramiro Llona, Markus Lüpertz, András Márkos, Roberto Matta, Ma Tse Lin, Jean Messagier, Jean Miotte, Aldo Mondino, Patrick Moya, Edo Murtic, Zoltan Novak, Bernard Rancillac, Cornelia Schleime, Roger Selden, Antonio Segui, Jesús Rafael Soto, Peter Stämpfli, Haruhiko Sunagawa, Richard Texier, Emilio Vedova, Vladimir Velickovic, Yun Hyong Keun More information on: ”
Posted about 1 year ago
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